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Sama Consul adds value to the distributed Canon reprographic solutions, providing service and technical support to its customers at a high quality level, certified by the manufacturer whose partner we are: Canon Inc.


The high quality of the offered services is guaranteed by the professionalism and experience of our technical team. Service engineers receive regular training sessions organized by Canon to update their knowledge and keep pace with the technological developments of the reprographic equipments. Working closely with companies representing the most diverse fields of activity, our technicians have acquired extensive professional experience.


Sama Consul put at the disposal of its customers the following technical services:

  • equipment installation and solutions integration in the working environment

Currently Sama Consul technical team is trained and certified to install any reprographic equipment present in Canon product range. More than that, we offer a functional integration of your equipment in the work environment along with technical and IT support from Canon.

  • maintenance and repair services under a full-service contract

On the basis of the full-service contract, Sama Consul will provide maintenance, consumables, spare parts and labor related to replacing them. The beneficiary will pay in the form of a monthly fee that contains the value of print jobs carried out in that month. The full-service contract offers you a multitude of advantages – accurate monitoring of costs related to operations print/copy/scan, savings of time and space as a result of the provision of regular supplies, free training of two operators, response time and troubleshooting guaranteed, even covering the total safety of your deadlines, by taking over the volumes in case, for various reasons it was not possible to troubleshoot the equipment in a timely manner, in order to respect the contractual deadlines.
We are aware that some applications and deadlines are critical to your business. That's why we have developed an optional service of permanent technical assistance, responding to your requests even 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7.

  • maintenance and repair under a post-warranty service contract

The contract for post-warranty service requires form the technical personnel of Sama Consul to conduct a monthly visit for maintenance operations and interventions whenever necessary. This type of contract includes all labor costs.

  • maintenance and repairs services on request

Companies that do not want a to sign contract with Sama Consul, be of full-service, be of post-warranty service, we offer them the opportunity to request the services of maintenance and repair in the event of a defect.


Sama Consul put at the disposal of its customers the following software solutions:


Contact Service Department

  • Phone: 021-242.30.94
  • Fax:       021-242.30.95
  • E-mail:

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